Robocalls to your Cell or Landline Phone (no pbx)

If you are bothered by robocalls, especially calls showing your local area code, DO NOT ANSWER THE CALL.
If it is a legitimate caller they can leave you a voice message and you can return the call.
Blocking calls and the no-call list are a waste of time. The bad guys ignore the list and they fake their Caller ID.
You can’t stop these callers. Are you able to stop people from sending you junk US MAIL?

robocalls to your cell phone (if you have a PBX)

I am frequently bothered by robocalls to my mobile phone.
Many of my clients have this problem as well.
The following is something I have implemented that is helping a lot.
I create a new DID with our SIP Trunk provider.
I create a 3CX inbound rule to forward calls to this DID to a new Digital Receptionist.
The DR greeting just says "Press 1 to leave a message for Allen" and then option 1 forwards caller to VM.
I find that most robocallers do not know how to respond to the "press 1" request.
In the US most mobile carriers have a programming option called something like "forward busy/no answer".
This effectively allows you to replace an external option (like 3CX) for the mobile carriers voice mail.
Verizon uses *71 followed by 10 digit phone number to be transferred to.
I program forwarding of the call to the DID mentioned above.
Now, for incoming calls on my mobile if I see a Caller ID that I don’t recognize I don’t answer or reject and let the call go the the 3CX DR.
 If it turns out to be a human caller they can press 1 and leave a message which I can return.
Most of these calls turn out to be robocallers and they don't make it past the DR.

AMCC defends its 3CX Advanced Engineer v15 Certification

It's been a while since we received our 3CX Advanced Certification rating, like about 3 1/2 years.  Back then we were on Version 12 of the VOIP Business Phone System software and there were 2 certification levels.  There was a Certified Engineer and an Advanced Certified Engineer status.  We've been through a lot of new features since then as evidenced by the system Changelog.  Most recently the 3CX company has released Version 15.5 Alpha.

Since so much has changed, the 3CX company has also updated its Certified Engineer program and we now have 3 certification levels:

  1. 3CX Basic Certified Engineer v15
  2. 3CX Intermediate Certified Engineer v15
  3. 3CX Advanced Certified Engineer v15

We are proud to announce that AMCC has successfully completed the examinations for all 3 new certifications and are now (again) certifed as 3CX Advanced Certified Engineer. 

5 Reasons why ITSPs need to include E911 with their voice services | Vitelity

As VoIP continues to gain popularity and market share in North America, many new VoIP service providers are looking for ways to streamline costs and improve margins on the products and services they offer. This is actually a good thing but often times ITSPs (Internet Telephony Service Providers) try to cut costs in areas that shouldn’t be messed with – like E911. Any small savings the ITSP might realize by not offering E911 or by offering only the bare minimum can quickly be offset when a subscriber is unable to get help in an emergency.
Full article here


SMS Enabled DID - Huh?

SMS Enabled DID - Huh?  The title says it all - but what does it mean?

First of all we are talking about SIP service from a VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) provider.

Picture this scenario - My generation thinks of a cell phone as a device to talk on.  But, that is not the only opinion.  My kids' generation uses their mobile phones more for TXT (text) messaging than for actual speech!  I don't want to get into a real cultural discussion here but I think these differences are commonly known to be.

Next picture a business that has customers.  Pretty usual right.  When a business calls a customer's cell phone the business' Caller ID becomes known to the phone and appears in the call history and might get saved to the customer's contact list.  When customer later thinks to communicate with business they might just find the business phone number on their phone and send a TXT message incorrectly assuming it will be delivered to the business.  Now I am not saying that this happens in every case but I'll bet it happens in at least some cases.  Unfortunately, the business does not receive the TXT because we all know that only cell phones can receive TXT messages (I know there are some exceptions like GV, etc. but play along with me).

Enter SMS Enabled DID.  With a business VOIP phone system and the right selection of SIP provider you can get this service.  Now, using your old business phone number that has been 'ported' (transferred) to the new carrier, when someone attempts to send you a TXT message from their cell phone to your business phone number - WHALLAH - the TXT message is converted to an email that is delivered to the designated person at the company!  When this company person replies to the email it is then converted back and delivered to customer as a TXT message.

Many of our 3CX phone system customers are very excited about this feature and gearing up to take advantage of it.  If you would like to learn more about it from AMCC/VOIPDealer just fill out this form.  Vitelity is one company that offers this SMS enabled DID feature and you can use this link to sign up for a no-contract, low cost, SIP account to give it a try if you are comfortable working with this on your own.

Extend WiFi at Home - Neat Extender

WiFi at home is pretty common.

And WiFi dead zones at home are probably also common.  It seems those signals are just not as strong as we wish they were.

I finally took advantage of a combination of 2 technologies that is pretty cool.

Many people know that there are devices known as WiFi extenders.  This is a device that you locate between where your WiFi access point or base station is and where you want to use your computer.  The idea that it picks up the signal before it drops off too much and then boosts it or acts as a repeater so there is enough strength to reach to your work location.  Sometimes these work well but sometimes they aren't so great.

There is another technology called Powerline Ethernet.  With this you put a module near your router (which does not even need to have WiFi), connect it via ethernet cable to your router and plug it into a wall power outlet.  The device puts the ethernet 'signal' or data on your house A/C wiring.  You put another module at some remote point in the house and plug it into a wall power outlet.  This device has an ethernet jack so you could run an ethernet cable from it to a computer.  Voila. You have Internet.

The more modern and cooler device now puts WiFi in this remote module so you don't need the cable at your work area if you have a WiFi device.  This is very cool.

There are many of these devices available.  I used one from TP-Link which is available on Amazon for example for about $50. 

The PowerLine Ethernet may have some limitations depending on the wiring in your house.  For example, I found that the remote module received the PowerLine signal from the base unit in one outlet in our MBR but not in another outlet on the other side of the room.  I'm not sure if this is because it is from the other phase of our house wiring???  Oh well, at least it worked in the room.

3CX At It Again - Winning At Comms Nationadl Awards

By Demetrios Demetriou Google+ profile 
Posted on : October 30, 2015, Last modified on : October 30, 2015

In its 15th year, the Comms National Awards (CNA) are the most respected and coveted awards programmes in the ICT industry. Covering a wide range of categories across vendor and reseller/solution providers the awards are judged by an independent, all-star cast of industry experts.

Always picking a glittering West End venue, topped with quality entertainment the CN Awards are as glamorous as they are important. With past hosts such as Ronnie Corbett, Michael McIntyre, Stephen K. Amos and sponsors such as BT, Cable & Wireless and this year, leading service provider, Nine Wholesale. It goes without saying that the CN Awards are extremely prestigious and subsequently have monumental impact on the awardee, in this case, 3CX.

Winning at the CNA is without a doubt one of the most prestigious awards that can be awarded to any company within the ICT industry. As such you can imagine the excitement pulsing through 3CX HQ when the news hit that the software-based phone system had won ‘Best SME On-Premise System’. According to Comms National, the award is given to ‘the best PBX and soft PBX’ sold to SME customers via the reseller channel. This goes hand in hand with last year’s award of ‘Best Enterprise On-Premise System’ awarded to ‘the best PBX and Soft PBX’ sold to larger Enterprises via the reseller channel.    

Nick Galea, CEO of 3CX Said:

“We are excited to get recognition for our 3CX Phone System. 3CX is a firm channel favorite because of its ease of install and supportability. Its an easy and profitable sell and together with our pure channel model it’s a great hit in the UK. We are very proud to have the CNA award reflect this.”

In the short time that 3CX has been in business it has literally grown leaps and bounds, going from a small startup to major competitor within the PBX market servicing massively high profile companies such as Boeing, Mitsubishi Motors, Intercontinental Hotels & Resorts, Harley Davidson, Pepsi, Hugo Boss, City of Vienna and many more. Held in high regard within the ICT industry, 3CX Phone System is praised for its unique, innovative, feature-rich approach to the PBX. 3CX has won countless awards and continues to do so only because of its innate ability to quickly adapt to new technologies and customer needs. With the constant introduction of new technologies such as the revolutionary WebRTC based 3CX WebMeeting, a new, improved partner program that recognises not only the partner’s performance but also their level of loyalty/commitment, topped off with a set of highly regarded mobile clients and softphones 3CX is doing everything in its power to redefine the stagnant PBX industry.     

3CX Version 14 Great Mobile Phone App

With Version 14, 3CX has completely rewritten the Android and iOS mobile apps for their 3CX Business Phone System.  I hadn't been crazy about the performance of the Android app in the previous versions and chose not to make it a full time app for me.  However, with this new incarnation I can say that it is totally ready for prime time.  I have the app active all the time on my Android phone using the new Push technology.  I get the same battery performance that I got before I ran the 3CX mobile app.  And in today's mobile technology it is all about battery life.

In case you don't know what this does let me try to paint the picture.  With the app running on my Android phone any call that rings my office desk phone also rings my mobile phone at the same time.  If I am at my desk I can answer the desk phone.  If I am away from my desk I can answer the call using my cell phone.  The call is not being 'transferred' to my cell phone so there is no perceived delay to the caller.  I have my 3CX Phone for Android app set with a different ring tone than my regular Android ring tone so I can tell by the sound of the ring whether the caller was calling my cell phone directly or had called me at the office.  I still see the Caller ID information regardless of which phone the caller called me at.  If it is a call via the office and I have Call Recording turned on - the call gets recorded.

On outgoing calls I have access to my phone contact list which you would want.  Also, to the person that I call it looks as if I were calling from the office because they see the Caller ID information of the office, not my cell phone Caller ID.

All in all this is pretttttty cooooool.