A little more spam filtering

Sent to you by Allen via Google Reader:

Les Connor uses spamhaus.org to add a bit more spam filtering to his clients


Go to the Connection filtering tab, and enter zen.spamhaus.org as the provider, and OK/apply.

Ensure connection filtering is enabled in the default smtp virtual

Go into the default SMTP Virtual Server Properties

Click on Advanced

Click on Edit and ensure Apply Connection Filter

Go to http://www.spamhaus.org/ and have a look at their faq's, they're very
good. The zen thing includes their 3 anti-spam databases.

You can set up perfmon counters to see how effective it is - see the
attachment. The IMF perfmon setup is there as well. I keep shortcuts to
the two on the server desktop so I can check the stats periodically.


When I did one of my Fast Track webcasts I did a demo of my Performance Monitor
reports for Intelligent Message Filter and Real-time Black Lists reports. I thought I
would show them here since everyone seemed pretter interested in them. To create
these, you just bring up Performance monitor and pick the counters listed below,
select view report on the toolbar and save it as a shortcut. The counters will reset
when the machine is rebooted.

P.S. Oh yeah... Les says it appears to nail most of this pdf spam