Response Point Customer Feedback

We've sold a couple Response Point systems already and the reception has been FANTASTIC!

One customer said that there was "only one problem" (oh boy, now I'm going to hear it). He told me he had shown his Response Point system off to several of his business partners, non-IT people, that had been visiting his offices. Every one of them was pissed that their IT staff had not gotten this system for their companies! They were angry that they had paid so much more for their systems that were so much more difficult to manage and use! (I know, I'm going overboard with the exclamation points but golly!).

This customer told me that after he set up the system unit and a couple phones he got his administrative assistant to add a phone and user to get her trained. The only question she asked was "should I create the phone first or the user". Customer suggested creating the phone first and that was the only question she needed to ask. The rest was obvious and was also a snap.