Blackberry Storm - Bug ?

This one took about an hour on the phone with Verizon technical support.  I had been using another cell phone to send a text message to the Blackberry.  The message was received, the status light flashed red, but there was no audible alert.  Of course since the phone had only come out yesterday - the tech. support person had not seen one yet.  She read through her manual - which had a lot more pages than my manual - and had me try a few things.  None of these things had any effect on my issue.

Finally, I found a setting in the SMS alert menu that DID NOT AT ALL sound like it was related. I figured this was enough reason to try it! 

The setting I am talking about is - NOTIFY ME DURING CALLS. This setting seems to blackberrysay that Yes means sound the alert if I am on a call and no means do not sound the alert if I am on a call.  The way it worked for me is that when I am NOT ON A CALL - I only get an alert if this item is set to YES.  If it is set to NO I get no alert when not on a call.

I have to imagine that is going to be a large problem for Verizon Storm users.  I hope that they are quick in coming out with a fix for this.