New Cell Phone

Not for me.  I’m still using my Palm Treo 700p.  I’ve always been kind of anti- Blackberry.  Mostly because I believe in the open  platform concept.  The one were all the great programming minds of the world can have a chance to put their skills to the test. Joyce has never had a smart phone before.  With traveling and being more interested in having access to email we went looking for a new phone to be able to be better connected.  We had 4 criteria, I believe.  These requirements were:
  1. Verizon Network - I still think this is the best
  2. World Phone - (GSM capabilities for Europe, etc.)
  3. Email
  4. Camera
It turns out there is only one phone that fits this bill and a few weeks ago there were none.  The new Blackberry Storm is the ticket.  We found this out about a month ago.  Joyce’s birthday was a few weeks ago so I told her I would get the phone for her for her birthday.  Yesterday I called the Kenwood Verizon store and they told me they were opening their doors at 7am today - two hours early - for the release and it would be first come first served.  There is a new store closer to our house that I also had been checking in with.  My name was first on their list but when I checked with them yesterday they said their ‘group of 15 stores’ was going to get 13 phones. So, I got up at 5:30am and got to the Kenwood store by 6.  I think there were 13 people ahead of me and I was wondering if they would have enough phones for me to get one (oh yes, and it was 28 degrees).  People near me in line seemed to have the idea that there would be 30 phones or so.  Just before 7 some store personnel came out and handed out vouchers for the amount of phones they had to the first people in line.  I don’t know how many they had but I got one - that’s all I cared about.  There were a lot of sales people on the floor when they let us in and at number 14 I was in the first wave of customers waited on.  It took me almost until 8am before I got out but I had my (I mean Joyce’s) phone. I took Joyce her new phone and left to go to work.  The phone looks beautiful - but I haven’t done much with it.  I did take a photo of one of those MINI cars.  I thought the sign in the back window was cute - it read ACTUAL SIZE. blackberry