Response Point Conference Phone - by Clearone

I received my Clearone Response Point Conference Phone yesterday - complete with Blue Button. This phone was a snap to set up.  It comes with all the necessary cables.  Just connect the base unit to power, ethernet (to server) and to the phone.  The phone has Link In (connects to base unit) and Link Out (to daisy-chain to additional conference phones for a larger conference room).  The company suggests 1 phone per 6 users in a conference room.  You can purchase additional phones sans base unit for this purpose. Software configuration, as per usual Response Point deployment, was a snap.  Use the Administrator program to 'add a phone' and the device is auto-discovered.  Add a single user and you are ready to go. So far I have made a couple telephone calls (but no conference calls) with the conference phone and the sound seems quite strong and clear.  There are 3 lights around the perimeter of the phone that do a good job of displaying the status - lights off when no call, lights blue when call active - lights red when call mute/hold. Click Picture below to see more pictures at
Response Point - Conference Phone