New domain -

I took a short road trip from Cincinnati to Louisville last night to visit the Kentucky Small Business Server User Group. My good friend Tim Barrett invited me to come and give a Response Point demonstration to his group.  I'd been looking forward to this trip for a while and wound up with three guys (Earl Slusher, Bill Dunsing and Kevin Royalty) from our Cincinnati SBS User Group going with me.   Gas is cheap so we took the land yacht.  The mechanicals worked out a whole lot better than when I went to Dayton last spring to present to their Group.  I took the fun car on that trip and it broke down 1 mile from the meeting place.  Had to replace the fuel injectors (ouch).  And if you are wondering - the flat bed driver dropped me off at the meeting place, took the car back to my mechanic in Cincinnati, and Kevin gave me a ride home after the presentation. Anyway, we had a nice turnout and all of the guys there were very interested in Response Point - a lot of great questions were asked. When the presentation was over, the KY guys thanked me for coming and then Tim Barrett said he had a gift for me.  This took me back a little because I certainly didn't expect anything.  AND - what a cool gift.  Tim presented me with a domain name that he had registered for me - - I don't think I am worthy (is that Mike Myers line) - but I'll try to live up to it. Thanks again to Tim and everyone one else.
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