ClearOne - Response Point Conference Phone

I had lunch today with Tim Roussos, Sales Manager for ClearOne.  I posted about the new conference phone for Response Point in the last couple days.  It's a very nice device, looks very professional and very easy to use. Tim told me about some of ClearOne's other products that sound very interesting for the SMB space and home users too.  They have a Chat 50 and Chat 150 that are personal speaker phones.  These devices have a variety of connections - USB, direct connect to certain telephones, and connection to Blackberry phones. A very cool offering from ClearOne that sounds great to me as a Response Point reseller is their Try to Buy program for the MAX IP Response Point conference phone.  We can sell a conference phone to a customer where they can try it for 30 days before they decide to buy or not.  ClearOne with pay the shipping in BOTH directions for the people that decide not to keep it. prod_img_med_max_response