Response Point - Forward calls to Outside Agents

I've got a couple customers that have some remote staff.  They would like to have a voice mail box for these people in their Response Point system.  They would also like to be able to manually forward calls to these remote users - as in the case where the receptionist answers a call at the main office and tells the caller 'please hold while I transfer you to whatshisname'.

I have tried this out using my Aastra system.  I don't know if it works the same or differently on the other brands.  Here's what I have found - in case you can use it.

I create the user on my system. I configure the call forwarding for this user to send the calls to his external telephone number. Here’s where it gets a little quirky. If I do not assign this user to a telephone in the RP system – if I answer an incoming call and then park it – and then forward it to my remote guy's “extension” – I get an error message that says “Sorry, that extension does not exist or is out of service”. By the way – if I call in to the RP system and request that users extenstion – then the call DOES forward without any error message. The workaround for the quirky part is – if I have enough slots on phones on my system to assign this remote user to one of the RP phones – then I can do what I want which is – answer an incoming call – park it – and then forward to the remote user's “extension” and the call will forward outbound without the error message.