More Click to Dial in Response Point

So, the Response Point Assistant, now shows inside extensions plus entries in your Contact List and supports Click to Dial. This is fairly obvious. I'm not crazy about the the presentation of these contacts. Presently they are sorted alpha - so your inside contacts are intermingled with your outside contacts! You can click on the Number Column and this will put all your inside contacts together at the top of the list BUT your outside contacts will be sorted first by Work/Mobile/Home and then by name - BOOOOOO! NTG.

I just happened to find something else in the Click to Dial Realm. You can click Phone Settings from the Assistant menu and be taken to a browser version of the Call History. From here, you could, if you wanted, go through your list of MISSED CALLS and click on any one of them to call back - kind of a *69 (or whatever it is) on steroids. You can even pick which service you want to call out on - PSTN or SIP.