Response Point - SP1 & SIP!

Now on to SIP Trunking. Richard Sprague gave me a tip and I ran (or stumbled) with it. As has been announced - Microsoft is partnering with 2 SIP providers - NGT and CBeyond and support will be included in SP1 for these two guys by way of drop down menu choices. I don't think all the guts of this has been implemented quite yet as it was not evident in the CTP build that we received. ANYWAY, what Richard reminded me was that if we got a SIP account and got the right values manually entered into the RP Administrator SIP configuration (which is presently available) then we can add the SIP support NOW. I went online and created an account with JunctionNetworks - did a little of fiddling and voila (or wallah as I once read in a newsgroup) we have SIP! I'll include a screen shot of the settings here for future reference.