Response Point - SP1 - Nashville Road Trip - We made it home

We (most of us) just got back from a FANTASTIC trip to Nashville. The premise for the trip was the Response Point SP1 Class roadshow. We had a large representation from Cincinnati/Dayton. Our group consisted of Marc Ross, Brad Green, Guy Guckenberger, Eric Kornau, Paul Arthur and myself. We had to take out special liability insurance having had so many IT professionals absent from the area at one time. The only mitigating factor in the insurance underwriting and pricing was that D.U. stayed behind and kept the city safe . With the exception of Paul, who came with his wife so they could extend their visit to a mini-vacation - the rest of us timed our travel so we could arrive at the Bluebird Cafe Wednesday evening to help celebrate its 26th anniversary. If you have never been to this place - it is a must see. Dean Rainone and Scott Keyser, of NGT, joined us for the evening too. I've got some photos and video that you can see which will mean more to people that were there than to the rest of you - because these videos from my little $100 point-and-shoot camera just can't do the music justice.