Response Point - Binary Telecom SIP Dial Plans

I had to fiddle around a little to get the dial plan that I wanted for the Binary Telecom SIP service I was playing with today.  In our area we can still dial local calls with just 7 digits.  I think this is what threw a wrench in it for the default plan that I started with.  Anyway, just thought I would post this in case it might be of use to someone else.

In the online management interface this is called the North America, WA, 7 digit Sample template from the menu – changing the 425 to my area code 513.

This works well with Response Point, Outlook integration, and the humanoid factor.

The following are the reasons – (all comments below presume everything is prefixed with the Response Point 9 or 8 to dial out)

Humans tend to want to dial local numbers (in the 513 area) as XXX-XXXX. They also want to dial Long Distance as 1-XXX-XXX-XXXX.

The Response Point contact list imports telephone numbers from Outlook – and Outlook adds the local area code if no area code is supplied to outlook. So,  by default all imported telephone numbers in Response Point contact list have 10 digits including local and not local.  The Response Point Import function has options to 1) Add a specified area code to any 7 digit numbers and 2) add "1" to 10 digit numbers.  Neither of these options are selected by default.

So both dialing the human way (7 digits and 11 digits) and using the Response Point Click-To-Dial from the contact list (10 digits for local and 10 digits for long distance) both seem to work correctly. I’ve tested this multiple times and it seems to do what I want it to do.

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