Disaster Recovery - BIG TIME

I've been enjoying listening to several tech podcasts done by Leo Laporte of TWIT.  I figure Leo's about my age, sounds like he's lived through a lot of the same eras as me, he's got a great radio voice, personality, sense of humor and way of looking at tech and life. Steve Gibson is a security maven that has an incredible grasp of the subject.  He has a website GRC.com and sells a product call SpinRite that is able to magically revive hard drives. Leo and Steve do a podcast called Security Now.  In the latest segment Steve read a 'customer testimonial' letter about the SpinRite program.  YOU HAVE TO LISTEN TO THIS. I'll save you some time and tell you that the testimonial starts at about 13 minutes 45 seconds into the podcast. So click HERE to go listen to the podcast.  Enjoy.