Windows Home Server - protection?

Back in April I had occasion to restore a file from my Windows Home Server.  It wasn't what I would call a 'user friendly experience'. Yesterday I was trying out a Windows profile utility and accidentally hosed my own user profile. I went to the server room and pulled out my Windows Home Server Restore CD.  Popped the CD in the drive, rebooted and went through the restore screens.  I was taken to a screen that informed me there had been "AN UNKNOWN NETWORK ERROR".  Not too helpful.  There was, however, a link to an article #88097.  Fortunately I had another computer at hand so I didn't need to try and run my screwed up computer to access the article. While I was scanning through the article of troubleshooting suggestions it dawned on me that I had initiated a manual WHS backup on a different computer before I started the restore of my computer.  Of course there was no mention in the troubleshooting article related to a backup running at the same time of a restore - nevertheless I decided to kill the backup and try the restore again.  After about 10-15 minutes for the backup to actually kill - I tried the restore and now it proceeded without the error.  It was late and this was a volume with 70g of data so I went to bed to continue in the morning. In the morning I saw that the restore had completed.  I rebooted the pc and got back to my login prompt.  I logged in with my regular login name and GUESS WHAT - I got a message that we CANNOT CONNECT TO THE DOMAIN.  I tried logging in with a different domain username and I WAS able to connect to the domain! Fortunately I have turned into (at least a little) the belt and suspenders guy.  I pulled out my Shadow Protect boot cd and did a volume restore of my SHADOW PROTECT backup and now am back in business. Sure wish I had one of those glowing WHS testimonials that I hear a Microsoft guy give at each of the last couple IT conferences I've been to in the last year or so. Instead I've got a testimonial for Storage CraftThank you Storage Craft - your product came through for me.