Connected - again

I wouldn't think much about Cincinnati being affected by a hurricane - but this week it was.  Last Sunday we had a huge wind storm and 90% of Duke Energy's customers lost power.  Cincinnati lost a lot of beautiful trees to the wind.  We were out of power until Wednesday night.  One customer asked me 'where are you staying?'  I told him my bed required no electricity and that we were managing quite well.  Tuesday night was garbage night and we filled a couple cans emptying the freezer and the refrigerator.  It was probably time to get new food anyway. It's a little depressing to spend the evenings in the dark with just flashlights and candles.  The dogs loved it that we put them in the car a couple evenings and just drove around.  They got introduced to 'sliders' and it has opened up a whole new world for them.  It wasn't until tonight - Friday - that we got our internet service back and it has been a little spotty since it came back. All in all I would say we are very lucky.  Nothing here like what was happening in Texas.  I was sad to see that three people in the area lost their lives to this wind storm.  Condolences to their families and loved ones. Then again, there is our local rag - the Cincinnati Enquirer.  Always refreshing to know there is consistency in the world.  The front page on Monday morning after the storm - large headlines above the masthead - was about the Bengals.  Mention that three people had died was 'below the fold'.