Hi-Tech Printer?

Our daughters are mostly back to college for the fall (#3 starts tomorrow).  I got her twin sister a new laptop this summer because the old one had too many miles on it.  I picked up an HP that was priced attractively at one of the big box stores.  Since she would be in a two person dorm room with limited counter top space - I thought a wireless printer might be a good compliment.  It didn't have to be on her desk next to the laptop - it could be across the room on her dresser.  She could share the printer with her roommate so they only needed one printer between the two of them

I purchased the laptop and printer in our home town before she went away to school.  I configured the wireless printer connection and got it working.  When we got her to school I reconnected the computer and printer to make sure they were working.  So far all is good.

Now, a few weeks in to the fall quarter I get a call from the daughter.  She says - Dad, the wireless printer will not print for me wirelessly - it will only print with the usb wire.  AND, sometimes in the middle of the night when I am in bed the printer will start printing jobs for people I don't even know!

Nice going HP.  You continue to keep up the long time image I have of your multi-function printers.  Just who at HP thinks that a printer device should need software that takes 45 minutes to install?