Quintum T1 Gateway for Response Point - Implementation

I've got a customer with an existing T1 service for both their voice and data.  They currently have an out of date telephone system coming off lease and are interested in replacing it.  This customer relies heavily on DID (direct inward dial) or personal telephone numbers in addition to their company 'main' telephone numbers. The Quintum T1 Gateway sounds like a good solution for this customer.  I asked about the DID support and was told the device would handle this need.  The gateway would come pre-configured for T1 voice communications and all I needed to do was drop it into the environment and go through the Response Point Administrator configuration instructions that I was supplied. This customer relies heavily on their voice communications during business hours so all configuration and testing needed to be done outside of business hours. Since this customer has both voice and data via their T1 service, there is an existing device/gateway that accepted the T1 input connection and had output connections - one for the data network and one for  the voice system.  I connected the Quintum device downstream from this device in place of the existing telephone system.  The Quintum device also has a connection to the local LAN. The erroneous part of this whole process was thinking that I could actually drop this device in place and I would be up and running.  What I learned, eventually, through the very good technical support that I got from Quintum was:
  1. With T1 service there are different bundles that a customer may subscribe to.  Apparently the Quintum gateway was configured assuming the customer would have 24 channels available so channel 24 could be used for outgoing calls.  As it turned out, I was able to receive incoming calls but my outgoing calls did not work!  The Quintum techs realized the issue and changed the gateway configuration to only anticipate 9 channels.  With this modification the system now was able to make outgoing calls.
  2. DID (direct inward dialing) configuration did not work when I first configured the system.  The Quintum techs had me run a sniffer on the gateway and we were able to find out that Response Point was only receiving the last 4 digits of the caller ID and I had been telling Response Point to look for a 10 digit caller ID.  Once we realized what was going on - I just used the last 4 digits in the Response Point configuration and now DID was working.
  3. On testing I found that the outgoing Caller ID that was being sent was the 3 digit extension that the call was placed from - instead of the 10 digit company telephone number.  Again, the support guys showed me how to change this in the gateway.
The lesson I learned here was that the Quintum gateway is complex enough that there is no way that I could configure it or trouble shoot it by myself.  I did learn some things along the way which may be of use on my next install.  Fortunately I had a test system and could arrange after hours time at the customer site to work through all of these issues with the assistance of Quintum technical support. QuintumT1Gateway