Response Point - Roll Out new Assistant or Administrator program

With the roll out of SP2 for Response Point - we need to install/upgrade the Assistant and Administrator utilities on the workstations that they are installed on. I create a little batch file on our customer server and send an email to the users with a link to the batch file.  It's easier than running around or remoting to all of the workstations - this way the users just click a link.  The setup.exe does not run if the Assistant program is running so I insert a line to kill the Assistant if it is already running. The batch file looks like below.  I put this batch file in the netlogon share and send the users a link to the batch file. ========================== rem batch file to install Response Point Assistant software rem Allen Miller 2/09 \\serverod\netlogon\taskkill /f /im assistant.exe \\serverod\rpassistant\setup.exe ============================