Do you believe this c**p? from Microsoft Office Live

About a year ago I was reviewing credit card statements and found that Microsoft had been charging me $39.90 per month for 7 or 8 months.  After wending my way through the phone system maze that is MS I found that the free Beta service I had signed up for called Office Live Small Business had ended its free Beta period and converted itself and me to a paid account.  I informed the guy I was speaking to that he may have converted himself but no one had converted me and MS needed to 1) stop these charges and 2) find a way to refund me for the previous ones.  I explained that all I had signed up for was a free service.  They did both stop the charges and issue me a refund, by the way.

Now, a year later and guess what?  I’m reviewing credit card statements again and I’ve got another 9 months charges at $39.90 per month that started about 3 months after last year’s charges ended.

After asking twice to speak to a supervisor* I spoke to a guy that at least sounded like he understood what I was talking about.

GET THIS – He reviews their notes and tells me this is my fault (he didn’t use the word ‘fault’)!  That a year ago they (and this is his word which I questioned him about and he reused) COMMANDED me to call them back at a later time because at that time their computer system wasn’t capable of completing the task.  I quizzed him on this and he stood fast insisting that if his notes said I was COMMANDED this then I must have been COMMANDED to call them back.

So, this company, that makes operating system software and application software INCLUDING Database software had to COMMAND me to call them back to remind them to turn off these c**ppy charges that I never wanted.  They didn’t have the computing resources to do their job so they were outsourcing to me!

And another point – if they had in fact COMMANDED me to do something – I can promise you that I would not have done it but I would have remembered that they COMMANDED me.

When I asked this supervisor if there would be any need for me to call them again next year he assured me that there would not be.

- - - - -

*supervisor – some people think that I am a little bigotted.  they think that I think that people of certain distant nationalities that staff help desks are ignorant because of their national origin.  this is far from the truth.  i know that these peoples countrymen (and women) are very bright because they are all here, in our country, getting higher education and becoming doctors and engineers.  its the ones that are left behind that are hired at 20 cents on the dollar by the hundreds of head counts to fill ‘technical support’ desks with no experience about the subject matter that they are supporting – they are just taught how to read a script from a notebook.  so, i am not biased against people by their nationality – but by their capability (or lack thereof) to represent the company they work for.