Windows 7

I am usually a late adopter for Operating System software. I've got
enough to do without wanting to tinker to get my applications to run on
some unfinished O/S. For example, I'm still running XP on my desktop
computer (this is my primary machine). I have been running Vista on my
laptop but haven't felt anything compelling enough to make me want to
upgrade my desktop.

About a month ago I decided to put Windows 7 RC on my laptop since I had
heard so many good things about it. After using it for a month I have
to agree that it looks really solid. I haven't had any issues with it.
So, now, I am about to do something pretty much out of character for me
- I am planning on reformatting my desktop pc and going to Windows 7. I
want to do a little more preparation since this is my primary system but
I have decided to move ahead.