XP Mode in Windows 7

So, I just implemented XP Mode in Windows 7 to get my old version of
Quickbooks going. It's kind of interesting.

Basically you install the new version of Virtual PC and install your
application in the virtual machine. If you make sure your launching
shortcut is in the All Users area of the start menu - then - magically -
these application shortcuts will ALSO appear in your All Programs menu
of your Windows 7 host o/s. Pretty cool. Once you have this set up you
exit the virtual machine. When you want to run your application that is
in the virtual pc, just use the shortcut in the menu of the host o/s.
This will launch both the virtual pc and the application but they will
appear as if it was just the application running in Windows 7.

As I think about this, I remember Tim Barrett (Louisville)doing a live
demo for our user group of just this very thing. At the time I didn't
have a need so it didn't sink in very deep but it did make an

There are pretty good step-by-step instructions for this at