3CX Version 14 Great Mobile Phone App

With Version 14, 3CX has completely rewritten the Android and iOS mobile apps for their 3CX Business Phone System.  I hadn't been crazy about the performance of the Android app in the previous versions and chose not to make it a full time app for me.  However, with this new incarnation I can say that it is totally ready for prime time.  I have the app active all the time on my Android phone using the new Push technology.  I get the same battery performance that I got before I ran the 3CX mobile app.  And in today's mobile technology it is all about battery life.

In case you don't know what this does let me try to paint the picture.  With the app running on my Android phone any call that rings my office desk phone also rings my mobile phone at the same time.  If I am at my desk I can answer the desk phone.  If I am away from my desk I can answer the call using my cell phone.  The call is not being 'transferred' to my cell phone so there is no perceived delay to the caller.  I have my 3CX Phone for Android app set with a different ring tone than my regular Android ring tone so I can tell by the sound of the ring whether the caller was calling my cell phone directly or had called me at the office.  I still see the Caller ID information regardless of which phone the caller called me at.  If it is a call via the office and I have Call Recording turned on - the call gets recorded.

On outgoing calls I have access to my phone contact list which you would want.  Also, to the person that I call it looks as if I were calling from the office because they see the Caller ID information of the office, not my cell phone Caller ID.

All in all this is pretttttty cooooool.