SMS Enabled DID - Huh?

SMS Enabled DID - Huh?  The title says it all - but what does it mean?

First of all we are talking about SIP service from a VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) provider.

Picture this scenario - My generation thinks of a cell phone as a device to talk on.  But, that is not the only opinion.  My kids' generation uses their mobile phones more for TXT (text) messaging than for actual speech!  I don't want to get into a real cultural discussion here but I think these differences are commonly known to be.

Next picture a business that has customers.  Pretty usual right.  When a business calls a customer's cell phone the business' Caller ID becomes known to the phone and appears in the call history and might get saved to the customer's contact list.  When customer later thinks to communicate with business they might just find the business phone number on their phone and send a TXT message incorrectly assuming it will be delivered to the business.  Now I am not saying that this happens in every case but I'll bet it happens in at least some cases.  Unfortunately, the business does not receive the TXT because we all know that only cell phones can receive TXT messages (I know there are some exceptions like GV, etc. but play along with me).

Enter SMS Enabled DID.  With a business VOIP phone system and the right selection of SIP provider you can get this service.  Now, using your old business phone number that has been 'ported' (transferred) to the new carrier, when someone attempts to send you a TXT message from their cell phone to your business phone number - WHALLAH - the TXT message is converted to an email that is delivered to the designated person at the company!  When this company person replies to the email it is then converted back and delivered to customer as a TXT message.

Many of our 3CX phone system customers are very excited about this feature and gearing up to take advantage of it.  If you would like to learn more about it from AMCC/VOIPDealer just fill out this form.  Vitelity is one company that offers this SMS enabled DID feature and you can use this link to sign up for a no-contract, low cost, SIP account to give it a try if you are comfortable working with this on your own.