AMCC defends its 3CX Advanced Engineer v15 Certification

It's been a while since we received our 3CX Advanced Certification rating, like about 3 1/2 years.  Back then we were on Version 12 of the VOIP Business Phone System software and there were 2 certification levels.  There was a Certified Engineer and an Advanced Certified Engineer status.  We've been through a lot of new features since then as evidenced by the system Changelog.  Most recently the 3CX company has released Version 15.5 Alpha.

Since so much has changed, the 3CX company has also updated its Certified Engineer program and we now have 3 certification levels:

  1. 3CX Basic Certified Engineer v15
  2. 3CX Intermediate Certified Engineer v15
  3. 3CX Advanced Certified Engineer v15

We are proud to announce that AMCC has successfully completed the examinations for all 3 new certifications and are now (again) certifed as 3CX Advanced Certified Engineer.