3CX Installs - AMCC goes NATIONAL!

While we at AMCC originally perceived ourselves as a local Cincinnati area 3CX VOIP Phone System dealer we have learned that with remote access tools our coverage is really boundless.  Since the word has been getting out, we have begun doing 3CX PBX phone system troubleshooting and support remotely and have worked remotely on installations in several distant states.

We have just completed a 30+ extension 3CX phone system installation for the Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce, a print and web publisher that has been in the business for over 100 years.  The IT director there found AMCC and made an inquiry.  We were able to give him a compelling demonstration online and he liked what he saw. Within two weeks we had his initial system up and running and he has just now gone live with the porting of all his DIDs (transfering of personal phone numbers to a new lower cost VOIP service provided by NexVortex, an AMCC partner).

The 3CX VOIP phone system scales well for businesses from 5 phones to 50 phones to 500 phones and more as well as single location or multiple location businesses.

If you would like to learn how this system can 1) most likely save you money on your monthly phone bill and 2) enhance your workflow with TONS of useful features - please give us a call at 888-852-2158.