3CX - Update Digital Receptionist from a Phone

3CX is this really great Windows based VOIP PBX (phone) system for small and medium sized businesses.  It does tons of things really well at a really attractive price.  HOWEVER, updating the Digital Receptionist message 'out of the box' in v9 requires administrator access to the 3CX management console.  It would really be nice if this were easier for a user to perform.

It would be nice if 3CX fixed this issue in v10 but I didn't hear anything about this in the recent v10 preview I attended.

There is a write up in Mike Harris' blog that describes a way to accomplish this using a junction utility.  I tried this on my Windows 7 system and wasn't able to get it to work - probably operator error.  In any event, I still needed a method so I worked out something using Sysinternals PSEXEC command.  Basically, PSEXEC gives you the ability to run commands on another computer in your network.

I created a voicemail enabled extension.  I used the dial-by-phone method to create a voicemail 'greeting' for this extension.  I then created a batch file using PSEXEC that would 'remotely' copy the C:\ProgramData\3CX\Data\Ivr\Voicemail\Data\extnum\savevmgreeting.wav to the C:\ProgramData\3CX\Data\Ivr\Prompts folder where it could be selected (just the first time) from the administrator console.

At subsequent uses of the 1) updating of the special extension greeting and 2) launching of the batch file the new recording will be copied over the existing DR recording and immediately available.  These steps can both be done by a regular user from their workstation.