BESX - Blackberry Enterprise Server Express

I installed my first BESX server yesterday.  I had been running my small business Blackberry Professional Server, or whatever it is called, on a Windows Server 2003 box on my SBS 2008 network since it did not run on x64.  The 2003 box was a recycled box and yesterday it started blue screening.  I figured I would take this opportunity to upgrade to the BESX (free) platform.

The install went very smoothly, thanks in part to the helpful step by step 'videos' that Blackberry provides.  I had a little trouble with my data service due to an unrelated issue of swapping phones the same day.  After some tech support time with VZW late last night - it all came together.

HTML email on the phone is nice.  Will be looking in to the other features - including, being able to back down my data plan from the Enterprise level to the Basic level for a little savings.