DVR - Mobil Record

Let me start out by saying I hardly watch any TV at all.  Not big on movies (but I do watch a few) and I'm really not big on sports.  

However, with all this technology around, it seemed like there should be a way to schedule a recording of a TV program even when you are away from home. 

I've got a Windows Media Center computer that has a TV tuner card and has a very capable DVR function. However, this computer is not connected to our television.  It once was but it was deemed too much hassle and trouble.  It took so much time to bring up and navigate trough the menus.

A couple days ago I got this bug wanting to figure out how I could start or schedule a program recording if I was not at home.  I checked around and my friend Jason pointed me to Potato Remote.  Potato Remote is some software that you can install on your Media Center computer.  It can work in conjunction with an Android App called Remote Media Center.  The RMC will let you browse the program schedule and set a show to record on the Media Center computer.  This seems like it would be useful but in my case - the Media Center computer is not really part of our TV viewing setup.

Today, somehow, I stumbled on a feature that Time Warner has called Remote DVR Manager.  This is not an app. - it is just a web site you can access from a desktop OR a mobile browser.  The link to this site is .  The first time you use it you need to create an account that will actually link to your TW DVR.

Anyway - since this tool controls the DVR that we actually USE - the one in our cable box - this is the choice for me.  It would be nice if I could stream recorded content from the TW DVR or tuner to my mobile device - but - since I really don't care much about watching TV - this is more for the academic challenge than for any real need.