End of a Chapter - And on to the Next

The end of a chapter for me and the Response Point VOIP phone system product.  This was my first Response Point system.  I actually still had the original box.  The picture is my demo system being boxed up to go to my highest eBay bidder.

Response Point was and is a great product, conceived by Microsoft and then killed by Microsoft - due to their lack of knowledge in marketing.  They said they couldn't continue the line since it wasn't producing the numbers that they needed.  Big surprise.  How did they expect businesses to want it if they never heard of it?

RP was a great tool for me to get my feet wet in the telephony arena.  I learned a little and met a lot of great people involved in the ecosystem.  I had a lot of fun being involved with it.  Since I still like having a phone system offering for my SMB IT customers I have settled on another windows based VOIP PBX system from 3CX.  My knowledge of RP gave me the ability to understand how great 3CX is.

If you want to give your business a BIG BUSINESS sound on a small business budget - let me tell you about 3CX.  Also, if you are interested in letting me show you how you can save a substantial amount of money on your monthly telephone bill - give me a call.