N.B. - Watch out for Wiresoft

In case this may be of some use to you.

I was contacted by a ‘sales representative’ from a company called Wiresoft.  They told me they have a hardware firewall device they sell AND they are located right here in Cincinnati.  I said thank you but I am satisfied with the firewalls that I already represent for my customers.  This was probably about 6 months ago.

Since then I have gotten additional phone calls every couple of weeks that treat me like someone they never spoke to before.  Each time I jump right in (because I happened to remember their name) and cut them off and tell them not to call me any more!

Today I got a call in the morning from this outfit again.  I was angered by this treatment and I once again told them not to call me anymore.

Guess what.  This afternoon I got another call from the same outfit.  I just asked the guy for the headquarters telephone number which he gave me.

I called the 800 number – got voice menu – and chose to go to Technical Support.  Don’t ask me why.  I think maybe I thought I would do better talking to a tech when I asked for the company presidents name.  I just got voice mail.  I checked the website and found the name of the president – Tom Schram.  I then called back and the voice menus only let you choose 1) Sales, 2) Tech Supt. Or 3) Cust. Service.  No other extensions.  I selected Sales.  The guy I spoke to, Steve Korbel(?) asked if he could help me.  I said sure – he could connect me to Tom Schram.  He asked what it was about.  I told him it was about a matter that I wanted to discuss with Tom (a friend later advised that I should have said it was about a matter dealing with Tom and my wife <g>).  He said he would need more information so I told him I wanted to talk about their sales practices.  He told me again that he was in sales and I could talk to him about it. I told him I knew that he was in sales and I did not want to talk to him I wanted to talk to someone senior.  He wound up taking my phone number and closed by saying “we’ll see if he calls you”.  (nice salesmanship)

I almost never sign in to my LinkedIn page but that was where I went next.  I found Tom Schram, president of Wiresoft, and didn’t friend him but I did send him a direct message.  The content of the message is included here:

Hi Tom,

I tried reaching you on the telephone today via the Wiresoft 866 telephone number. It is kind of difficult. I spoke to a sales guy, I think his name is Steve Korbel. He didn't want to put me through to you but took my name and telephone number and closed by saying 'we'll see if he calls you'.

The reason for my call is that I am getting fairly annoyed by your company's sales practices. I have an IT Consulting business right here in Cincinnati and I have asked your telemarketers many, many times to stop calling me. I have not said this in any vague, unclear manner, by the way. This morning I received yet another of these interrupting telephone calls and told the guy to take me off the list and DO NOT CALL anymore. That was just this morning. Now, this afternoon I received another one of these calls. I am, by the way, holding to my practice of not using profanity, but you should know that this situation does call for the use of it.

I would think that a person and company invested in technology as much as you and your company are, could do a better job of not making people in your market so angry. Is that the picture you would want me to paint amongst our IT community?


Allen Miller

To their small credit – I did get an email fairly quickly from Tom Schram apologizing and telling me they would take me off their call list.  A little later I got a telephone call from one of their field sales people also apologizing and telling me they would take me off their call list.  He asked me who had called me – like which person had called me.  I told him that when I am telling people not to call me I don’t always get personal and ask their name.  Then he asked if it was a ‘telemarketer’.  I said it was and that they were blocking their caller ID.