New Response Point SIP Service Connected Today

I finally made the switch - installed my NGT SIP service for Response Point.  The installation was a breeze - Justin at NGT got me all squared away.

A couple things that NGT provides that my previous service did not:

  1. E911 support
  2. What I call 'spoofing' of outbound Caller ID #.  So when outgong calls are made over any of the non-primary lines - the callee will see my primary line Caller ID information - instead of some weird DID number
  3. A Disaster Mode where, if my network or phone system is off-line, incoming calls will be automatically routed to a pre-designated non-SIP phone number.

    and last but not least
  4. Professional, quality customer service

Now I will give up my analog lines and be on a total SIP basis.

Have fun.