Outlook Anywhere Woes are now Fixed

I recently updated my server from SBS 2003 to SBS 2008.  I also updated my laptop to Windows 7.  When I went to configure my Outlook 2007 of the laptop for RPC over HTTP, now called Outlook Anywhere - I was not able to do it!  And the reason I was not able to do it was that the option and checkbox to enable Outlook Anywhere were NOT THERE in the GUI.  Here's a screen shot of what I had and one of what I should have had.

My actual configuration screen:


And now here is a screen shot of what it SHOULD have looked like:

I looked all over and did a lot of internet searches but could not find any clues on this.  Finally I went to the Microsoft Partner private newsgroups and Wind Ying provided a quick response that did the trick.

There is a registry key that for me on Windows 7 was:
EnableRPCTunnelingUI - was set to 0 - should have been set to 1

I made the change to 1 and voila - fixed. 

Thank you Wind