Response Point SP1 Feature List

I've been looking for a thorough listing of features included in Response Point Service Pack 1.  Still haven't found it so I figured I would try to create one here.  If you have some features that you are aware of post a comment and I will update the blog entry to include them - PLEASE. Response Point SP1 Features Item (contributor)
  • SIP Trunking
  • Call Logging including export to Excel
  • Presence Indicator in Assistant
  • Park Call Status in Assistance
  • Click to Dial in Assistant - extensions and external contacts
  • Talk over Announcement to request extension
  • Upgrade Device Firmware from Administrator
  • External Music on Park
  • "Transfer to EXTENSION - VOiCEMAIL" voice command possible
  • DID - Direct Inward Dialing
  • Voice Dial access to free directory assistance
  • 64-bit compatibility
  • Restrict access on phones in common areas
  • Remove directory listing to external callers
  • 822 extension access Automated Attendant greeting
  • voicemails sent from any .local address (Jason Ray)
  • Aastra support for multiple line occurrences (Don Damon)
  • Dial 8 o Dial 9 trunk group access to seperate SiP trunks and analog service (Jerry Moore)
  • Headset mode (at least on Syspine) (Jerry Moore)
Okay, now send me some more.  THANKS