Get Your Hands on the New 3CX iOS Client!

Following the technical preview of 3CX Phone System v14, Apple has approved our new 3CXPhone client for 3CX Phone System v14. One of the coolest new features of the new iOS client is that it basically works almost like a regular GSM call. What does that mean? The client fully supports Apple’s new VoIP Push (requires iOS 8.1) which wakes up the phone & 3CXPhone when a call is coming in, so that you can answer the call immediately. This also consumes less battery.

Answer calls directly from your lock screen! Don’t waste time trying to unlock your phone in order to answer a call. Just swipe the screen and answer! Your incoming 3CXPhone calls also ring like a regular phone call too.






How to Convince Your CFO to Upgrade Your Phone System

As head of the IT department, you’re aware that your business’s technology infrastructure has some shortcomings. Right now, you’re confronting issues with your legacy PBX system. Perhaps you’ve already mentioned an IP-PBXupgrade to your CFO, but to no avail, as he or she isn’t convinced this solution will produce significant ROI. As such, you’ll need a power-packed argument to turn things around and finally get upper management support. After all, the phone system transformation you seek is a necessary component to the successful operation of your business.

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VOIP for your HOME

We sell VOIP Business Phone systems but we also know how to do VOIP for your home.  If you have a broadband internet connection you can get rid of your land line (and the land line phone bill) and get an inexpensive VOIP adapter device like the Obihai OBI100 for about $40 and have free monthly phone service for your house phones.  With the purchase of this device, you can connect to a Google Voice phone service and have free US calling. and reduced rate International calling.  You can also keep your old phone number if you like.  This system can run one phone in your house or ALL the phones in your house.

3CX v12 Service Pack 3 - AVAILABLE

 Changelog click HERE

New Features

  • Choice of colors. Besides the current dark grey color scheme, there is also a white color scheme.
  • 3CXPhone is slightly larger, allowing all icons to major functions to be listed at the bottom of the client.
  • Added the ability to change voicemail greeting messages based on the status you’ve set.
  • Call Duration is now displayed in the Call History.
  • Added support for headsets with answer button.
  • Standard Bluetooth headsets are supported in Windows & Mac (i.e without answer button).
  • Contacts can now have multiple numbers. Mobile and home numbers have different icons.
  • Queue Calls forwarded to mobile numbers are seen in the presence Active calls screen of the user.
  • Added the ability to automatically change your status to ‘Away’ when there’s no computer activity.
  • Added the ability to launch the 3CXPhone client automatically if numbers on a website are formatted with the ‘tel: protocol’ URL links.
  • Chat notifications are updated when a user is not available for chat.
  • Added chat status at the top of the chat conversation showing the chat status of the user you are chatting with.
  • Messages sent when you are offline will be delivered when you change your status to ‘Available’.
  • Improved contact searches in the whole application.
  • Added the ability to add a company / personal phonebook entry from Call History.
  • Improved Hotkey function. Now simply press hotkey (no need for CTRL + C) and the number will be copied, cleaned from any –, spaces or () and pasted to the 3CXPhone dial pad.
  • Company phonebook entries can now be added with just the company name, which is useful for business contacts.
  • Added the option to add an international dialing code to replace + with 00 or 011 for CTI calls.
  • Added the ability to transfer / divert to someone else’s voicemail.
  • Mapped delete key to delete voicemails and recordings.
  • Added ability to drag and drop calls to queues
  • Ability to control whether full screen presence window will be launched or not when application starts depending on whether it is closed on exit or not.
  • Added G722 support, Speex and iLBC codecs.

3CX - Using Shared Park from Phones with no special buttons

Credit for this one goes to Tim VonDerHaar.  I cannot take credit for it, darn.  Anyway, I just want to document it here so I'll have a place to look it up next time I want to use it.

Here's the scenario. While the 3CX Windows Phone (v12) or 3CX MyPhone give the user an easy way to manage the Shared Park 'slots', in the real world I find many users just want to be able to do things from their phone and not bother with the computer. I have used provisioning in many cases to define Memory/BLF keys as Shared Park slots and for phones that don't have Memory keys we have taken one or two unneeded Line keys and provisioned them as Shared Park slots.

All this works fine.  Then we get to the situation of what to do with cordless phones that don't have all these extra, available buttons to act as Shared Park slots.  Now what.  This is where we get creative.  This works in both v11 and v12.

Create a phantom extension(s) for each Shared Park slot you want to set up (i.e. - ext 500 = SP0; ext 501 = SP1, etc.)  In the Mobile Phone Number field enter a value SP0, SP1, etc.  Set the Forwarding Rule for the Unregistered state to Send to My Mobile Number.  Voila (or Wahlah as I have often read).

Now the call answerer can use whatever method they like or can do to park a call.  The roamer that has gone out into the plant and picked up one of the available cordless DECT phones, upon hearing over the PA system that they have a call parked in exit 501, can just dial extension 501 and they will have the parked call.

Again thanks to Tim VanDerHaar.

AMCC Attains 3CX Advanced Certified Partner Level

I attended another great 3CX partner training session last week in Atlanta.  These events offer a number of benefits and I have attended several of them.  They serve to:

  1. Train and keep us up to date on features of the frequent software updates
  2. Meet and exchange ideas with other partners
  3. Get to know some of the vendors including the 3CX team

After returning to Cincinnati I was motivated to study and take the 3CX Advanced Certified Partner exam.  There are a series of well organized training videos on YouTube which present the covered material in an organized and clear fashion.  After an hour or three of the videos I took the exam and passed!

So, to compliment our 3CX Certified Partner Status we now are a 

3CX Advanced Certified Partner.